Relocating to Austin, Texas

Austin is a place for everyone! People from different states continuously move to Austin for many reasons. It could be because of a job opportunity, starting a family, returning to your hometown, or for a new start. Austin is a place for everyone. The city features great quality of life and plenty of opportunities and activities for the young and old.

Many ask the questions, how to relocate to Austin, Texas and should I move to Austin, TX? Whether you are relocating or visiting Austin before moving in, this website will be your guide when it comes to relocating to Austin, Texas.

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Why Do People Relocate to Austin?

People relocate to Austin for many reasons. We can say that one of the reasons is the employment opportunities in Austin. The city has a booming tech industry. It is home to Dell and now to Google and Apple who are still in the process of building their campuses wherein they eye on employees thousands of people to fill in different positions in the company. Austin is also home to families and couples that are looking for a place to settle in.

Up to this day, people move to Austin, TX from out of state and overseas. Austin’s remains to be an attractive city for everyone with its job market, activities, and opportunities for many, the diverse city will continuously grow.

Reasons to Relocate to Austin

Since the last decade, Austin MSA has grown by an average of 55,500 people per year according to the U.S. Census Bureau Annual Population Estimates program. Austin, Texas is the fastest-growing metro from 2010 to 2019. In 2019, a total of 41,334 people relocated to Austin. The majority of the migration to Austin which is 51.3% comes from other Texas cities. Topping the list in domestic migration are the different metros in Texas; Houston, Dallas, then San Antonio. Followed by different states including New York, California, namely Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Riverside. Tampa and Miami Florida were are listed.

With Austin topping lists as the Best Places to Live in the US from 2017 to 2020, people from different states and countries have considered Austin as their new home. The city prides itself on being vibrant and progressive, but what else could be the reason why people move to Austin? What makes Austin a highly desirable place to live in? Now we answer those questions as we list the top reasons why people are moving to Austin, TX.

Natural Attractions

The city of Austin is rich when it comes to natural attractions and greenery. Plenty of residents are involved with their communities on taking care and preserving the nature and environment in Austin. Some of the green spaces are even considered as a natural habitat for different species. Greenbelts, such as the Barton Creek Greenbelt, serves as an oasis for families and friends where they can hike, bike, mountain climb, or picnic. Paddle away with your kayak at the Lady Bird Lake, swim laps at the Barton Springs Pool, admire the gorgeous views of the Hill Country from Mount Bonnell, fly kites and watch events at the Zilker Park. Natural attractions are one of the reasons why people move to Austin.


Greenest City in Texas

Austin has been named the Greenest City in Texas. It is also one of the most energy-efficient cities in America. These are in terms of environmental impact. The city has also been rated as one of the country’s top ten cleantech cities due to its renewable resources. Homes in Austin are also becoming innovative to whereas green homes have taken over in some communities that help the environment remain clean and green.


Employment Growth Opportunities

Austin has a strong local job market which also makes the city on the list of the best cities for job growth. The healthy job market in Austin attracts people of all ages, especially young professionals who are looking into excellent job growth. Austin’s unemployment rate remains low while it is expected that more job opportunities await Austin residents as large companies are building offices in the metro. Local businesses and startups also thrive in the area. Some well-known companies are Dell, Apple, Oracle, Tesla, WP Engine, Indeed, Phunware, and Chaotic Moon.

Young professionals, especially those that are starting their career can see a bright future when it comes to working in Austin. Startups are also successful in the area; some notable startups that are Indeed, WP Engine, and Mainstreet Hub.


Booming Tech Scene

The city of Austin ranks first when it comes to attracting workers, particularly in the tech industry. The tech industry is thriving with companies from startups to well-established large companies such as Apple and Google that have built their campuses on the grounds of Austin. The second-largest software company in the world, Oracle Corporation, has moved its headquarters to Austin while Tesla has begun building its Gigafactory in Del Valle.

Austin is tagged as the new tech hub of the future. Large tech companies such as Dell, whose headquarters are in the Austin-Round Rock Are; Google, with a campus located at 2nd St in Downtown; Apple, building their campus that is projected to accommodate 5,000 employees and a capacity to grow up to 15,000 are some of the largest tech companies in Austin. Other tech companies with Austin offices are IBM, AMD, Facebook, Paypal, and AT&T.

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Foodie Haven

You might have heard about this but we’ll remind you again that Austin is one of the best cities for foodies. There are plenty of choices and restaurants that are ran by locals and award-winning chefs. From delicious Tex-Mex, Asian fusions, Barbecues, Italian, and classic American dishes, restaurants and food trucks in Austin will definitely tickle your tastebuds.

Some of our favorites are Uchi, by Chef Tyson Cole, Loro Austin, Odd Duck, and Eberly. Foodies will absolutely fall in love with the wide range of cuisines and local restaurants in the area. No matter what type of dish you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Definitely one of the reasons why you should relocate to Austin, Texas!

Great Education

Austin has highly rated elementary and secondary schools that make it ideal for families to move in the area. There are over 29 public school districts, 27 charter school districts, and around 100 private schools throughout. 27 public and private universities which include the University of Texas and St. Edwards University have about 180,000 staff and employees combined.



Austin is the Live Music Capital of the world. Wherever you go, music follows you. From the airport to grocery stores and restaurants, music is everywhere. The city is no stranger when it comes to events, performances, and more. Large events such as SXSW (South by Southwest) and Austin City Limits showcases the city’s love for music where attendees and artists from all around the world gather.


Health and Fitness

Austin ranked 33rd in the country on the walk score. The best walkable neighborhoods can be found in the areas surrounding the University of Texas and Downtown Austin. The city is also one of the most bike-friendly cities as more bike lanes are added within the central neighborhoods in central Austin.

Most walkable neighborhoods can be found in Central Austin. This includes surrounding areas of Hyde Park, The Triangle, East Cesar Chavez, University of Texas – Austin and Downtown Austin. As a bike-friendly city, more bike lanes are being added to several Austin neighborhoods.

How to Relocate to Austin?

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